Friday, 2 November 2012

Metal Detecting Tips

As mentioned in my previous post there are many different tips which will help you when Metal detecting.

  1. Keep your coil as close to the ground as possible to ensure you are not skipping any objects.
  2. When starting out I would advise you to create a test area in your yard and place a few different items in the area and go over them with the detector. This will give you an idea of the sound which your metal detector makes for the different types of metals.(Example: gold, silver, copper,brass,tin,iron etc.)
  3. Do a little research there may be some interesting areas you may want to discover. A good place to start is google images and try looking for old arial photos, old news articles or outdoor events which are hosted in your area.
  4. always ensure you carry extra batteries, you may be away from the vehicle and it would be a real pain to run out of juice when you start to find items.
  5. When detecting old sites always be aware of old wells, these can be very dangerous because someone could potentially fall in and someone may not be around again for days even months.
  6. discrimination is a wonderful tool which is found on many different machines however by turning this up too much you could potentially miss valuebles such as coins or gold rings.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Metal detecting for beginners

The first thing you want to do is choose your machine.There are many different machines on the market ranging from $100 to thousands of dollars. I would suggest a machine as simple as a bounty hunter metal detector which can be found at your local Canadian tire as well as other merchants. Once you have become comfortable with the machine you may at some point consider upgrading to a more expensive machine, however I would start out with something more cost efficient.

   After you have chosen your machine you may want to try somewhere such as popular beaches, schools as well as old farms even you own back yard. Also you may even want to do some research of the area in which you live, there may have been old school yards etc. which is an excellent place for detectorists. Many things can be found in these places such as coins, jewellery as well as other items which may have been lost over the years.

   As well you should always try to keep the coil of the metal detector as close to the ground as possible to make sure you are not skipping over any items. Also make sure when you are combing an area cover the area like a grid to make sure you have found everything. Think of it like mowing a lawn, you wouldn't go all over the lawn zig zaging would you?

   One more thing which should be kept in mind when you are choosing your spot to go detecting is to always obtain permission from the land owners.No one like the guy trespassing on there property digging holes.

   Another important piece of information for newbies is when you dig a hole always make sure to fill the hole back in. Your goal would be after you leave it should look the same as when you arrived.

   And last but not least we have the shovel or hand shovel. Myself I personally suggest a hand shovel, you also want to make sure the hand shovel has a thick blade because some are made for soft garden soil and will break if you are trying to dig in rocky terrain.